CGG Innovation Growth Fund

We have designed a unique offering to tackle the worlds’ leading social and environmental challenges under one umbrella. Canada Goes Global (CGG) harnesses the most ambitious students, business owners and leaders to take part in sustainable development projects around the world. Our innovation growth fund aims to support these efforts globally.

Our commitment to growth

A community intervention strategy to help small businesses.

The CGG Program aims to support local businesses to diversify revenue streams in high-growth economies. We are working with our public partners to facilitate the ease of doing business abroad with the challenges of today.

How we operate

Dive in and join

Our strategy is simple.

Identify social and environmental challenges

Our community of impact measurement experts are continuously working to identify societal challenges with clear and measureable outcomes.

Design sustainable projects for target cities

Our team of experts, with full participation of local communities, means everyone has the opportunity to engage in designing our future.

Unlock the potential of innovators

We all have gifts and talents that serve the greater good of humanity. Therefore, we look for the future leaders to design, test and manage our projects.

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